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Re: kern/55547: BSDi 2.0 Binaries Fail with SEGV_ACCERR on Working Compat in Current

On 2020-08-08 19:19, Christos Zoulas wrote:
> Both static and dynamic binaries work now.
> christos

I updated and was able to successfully run BSDi 2 binaries directly now
on HEAD (9.99.69) on amd64.  Really great to see this happen, thank you!

I found that after updating to HEAD on i386 the BSDi 2 binaries and
other previously working early NetBSD a.out binaries now failed although
they all ran on amd64.

I've sent you further details off list, but a sample for NetBSD 1.0 is
below and please feel free to tell me if I need to file a new PR.

# ktrace /emul/nbsd-10/bin/ls; kdump
[1]   Segmentation fault (core dumped) ktrace /emul/nbsd-10/bin/ls
   833    833 ktrace   EMUL  "netbsd"
   833    833 ktrace   CALL  execve(0xbfbfee1f,0xbfbfe950,0xbfbfe958)
   833    833 ktrace   NAMI  "/emul/nbsd-10/bin/ls"
   833    833 ls       EMUL  "netbsd"
   833    833 ls       RET   execve JUSTRETURN
   833    833 ls       PSIG  SIGSEGV SIG_DFL: code=SEGV_ACCERR,
addr=0x172f8, trap=4)
   833    833 ls       NAMI  "ls.core"

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