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re: toolchain/55557: Releases should include kernel debug symbols

thanks Andreas.

we really should have a better solution around this.

Martin Husemann writes:
> So we need to somehow package the netbsd.gdb files and make them available
> in the release dir.

the big difference between these netbsd.gdb files and the
foo.debug files in the debug sets is that netbsd.gdb has
the full kernel *and* debug info, ie, it's a super set of
the kernel itself.  for standard installs, we could have
a normal path and debug-link link from /netbsd to the
netbsd.debug, but managing those for multiple installs
sounds difficult (eg, you want netbsd.old to point to the
netbsd.old.debug you some how created.)

or we could simply eat the space (but it's a lot of you
have a lot of kernels!)


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