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re: toolchain/54703: GCC 8 breaks i386 floppy install

i have tracked this down to a bad strncmp() in ustarfs.c:

      /* if volume metadata is found, use it */
      if(strncmp(ustf->uas_active.ust_name, metaname,
          strlen(metaname)) == 0) {
                      + strlen(metaname), "%99o", &newvolblocks);
              ustf->uas_volsize = newvolblocks * 512
                                - lda2pda(0);

this strncmp() gets 'ust_name' of 'boot', and 'metaname'
is the static string "USTAR.volsize.", yet this block is
executed, and the sscanf() writes 0 to newvolblocks, and
then uas_volsize becomes -8K (from lda2pda(0).)

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