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Re: misc/53561: Build log contains gmake debug output

martin informs me that this is still happening.  i can't
reproduce it myself today, but i've seen it occasionally
in my many builds in the last few years.

i had a look at the implementation, and after discussion
with dholland we're wondering if this is a make(1) bug
in the handling of a particular expression:

   GMAKE_J_ARGS?=  ${MAKEFLAGS:[*]:M*-j*:C/.*(-j ?[0-9]*).*/\1/W}

which comes from tools/Makefile.gnuhost not properly
removing the "-d" that adds here:

   MAKEFLAGS="-de -m ${TOP}/share/mk ${MAKEFLAGS}"

the expression *should* only be capable of keeping the
'-jN' or '-j N' parts in MAKEFLAGS, removing any other

i'm guessing above.  i wonder if something in the i386
builds is tripping this.. but i have no idea what yet.


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