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Re: kern/42314: IC Plus IP100x PHY support

On 2019/09/29 5:29, Andrius V wrote:
> Hi,
> Attaching my final (I guess) patch which addresses most issues from
> the initial one (auto doesn't need special code, stge part uncommented
> by moving struct to stgereg header file, i386/amd64 kernel configs
> updated) and is based on more recent current branch (OUI was renamed
> and updated in current already), plus some updates with man pages to
> be build properly. I believe it should be in parity with OpenBSD
> driver now but I have only one board for testing. Temporarily created
> a branch in github as well:

It's merged!

> The problem that
> setting 1000BaseTX specifically won't work is present, but it is the
> same in Open/FreeBSD as well (autonegiotation needs to be used to get
> 1GBit speed). Hope, the patch should be relatively easy to adjust and
> apply, if it's OK and there's a plan to do it.

Additional patch are also welcomed.


> Regards,
> Andrius V

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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