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re: port-evbarm/54557: Booting fails using U-Boot TPL on ROCK64

>  This PR can be closed. It is not an issue with NetBSD.


>  The culprit was a pair of small bugs in U-Boot's SDRAM driver for the 
>  RK3328 SoC that resulted in the ROCK64's DRAM controller being 
>  configured incorrectly. I've submitted patches to the U-Boot project [1].
>  With these patches applied NetBSD boots just fine on the ROCK64, using 
>  the latest code in the U-Boot git repository (and without using any 
>  proprietary components from Rockchip).
>  [1]

this is great news!  good job.

anyone want to port this new version + patches to our pkgsrc
port?  pkgsrc/sysutils/u-boot-rock64.


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