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Re: bin/54574: usr.bin/make/parse.c $Id: 1.231 drops core on NetBSD-5.2 in realpath(3)

John Nemeth <> wrote:
>       The realpath() function call first appeared in 4.4BSD.  In NetBSD 7.0 the
>       function was updated to accept a NULL pointer for the resolvedname
>       argument.
>  POSIX says:
>  If resolved_name is a null pointer, the behavior of realpath() is
>  implementation-defined.
>  parse.c:1.231 in ParseVErrorInternal() calls realpath() with a null
>  pointer for resolved_name thus relying on the NetBSD 7.0 behaviour.
>  This is a portability bug.

Thanks, will fix

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