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Re: lib/54527: syslogd hangs when forwarding logs to a IPv6 host that is down

On Saturday 14 Sep 2019, at 09:55, Christos Zoulas wrote:
> Congratulations, you found a kernel bug. MSG_PEEK is not supposed to
> reset so->so_ {r,}error.  Try this (not even compile-tested).

Ah, yes, it makes sense now that you say it ...
Your patch works perfectly, thanks!

Now syslogd logs "warning: can't get client address: Host is down"
because of the warning in libwrap (src/lib/libwrap/socket.c:109). This
is not really relevant in this case, since we are not really receiving
a remote message, just a local sending error (and we will fail to
recv(2) anyway). But it's a detail, I'm not sure it requires fixing :)

(or maybe just warn if errno != EHOSTDOWN ?)

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