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re: lib/54449: _pic.a libraries contain unwanted debug information

Christos Zoulas writes:
> Historically the libfoo.a libraries never had debugging symbols, this is
> why we have the libfoo_g.a variant which is controlled by ${MKDEBUGLIB}.
> Building a system with DBG=-g to get the same effect (putting
> debugging info in libfoo.a) was never guaranteed to work.

not sure what planet you are talking about, but DBG=-g has been
the right way to me for a long time, though slightly less than
i recalled (more a 90s thing :-)

revision 1.57
date: 2000-05-01 20:44:36 -0700;  author: sjg;  state: Exp;  lines: +4 -3;
Allow optimizer/debug flags to be changed on command line without
breaking everything.  Eg. use DBG="-O0 -g" when debugging something.

> The fact that libfoo_pic.a ended up with debugging symbols looks like an
> accident to me.
> In any case, I am not dogmatic about it and let's decide how we want it
> to work and fix it.

nothing is an accident when "DBG=-g" builds have debug info.

i used to build my whole systems this way without using MKDEBUG
(since that's much much newer), initially because i had some 
lossage using separate debug info files, though as i mentioned
before, i'm considering switching back to get debug symbols back
in to my static libraries as well.  i may have to set execmax
to some very low value to avoid the other bug..

i claim that their lack of debug info is a bug in MKDEBUG.


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