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Re: bin/53705: dhcpcd spams syslogd

On 10/04/2019 05:15, Robert Elz wrote:
  ps: one thing that would be good though, and which would
help, would
  be for dhcpcd to avoid adding a default v6 route if there are no
  available v6 addresses (link local excepted, as they can't use the
  route anyway).   Until now I wasn't sure if dhcpcd was adding that,
  or the kernel, when an RA arrives.   But I see ...
Apr 10 08:53:16 jinx dhcpcd[14261]: iwm0: Router Advertisement from fe80::c0ea:b0ff:fe55:6190
  Apr 10 08:53:16 jinx dhcpcd[14261]: iwm0: adding default route via fe80::c0ea:b0ff:fe55:6190
I am not sure why that causes problems, with no available useful v6
  addr any attempt to send to destination v6 addrs should immediately
  fail - but it does make a difference, stuff like connections
  to * go much slower (that is, connect much slower) when
  that default route exists - after I delete it, the v6 attempt immediately
  fails, and fall back to v4 happens immediately (and that works).   The
  ideal solution would be for my ISP to support v6, but that one I cannot
  control.....  (and yes, I know I could set up a tunnel).

That's a totally different issue.
Please create a new PR for it because there really is no right way of solving this.


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