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re: kern/54033: Interrupted writes can cause pty to stall

this may or may not be related.

some relatively small portion of the time when i run
"cvs <something> | less" and the cvs has a lot of
output (eg, annotate or log), and i do not let it
complete running to completion and less having all the
output buffered internally, by ^Z'ing back to the shell
and doing other stuff.

sometimes that ^Z hangs and i can't use that pty again
until i kill -9 the pipe-writing process (eg, cvs log)
at which point, i get my shell back and less is now
suspended with some partial input.

this was worse a few years ago and now happens only
sometimes, vs often.  at the time, i thought the fix
that christos had made solved my problem, but now i
suspect it only makes it less likely to hit.


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