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Re: lib/53682

On Nov 21,  4:15am, (Nikhil Benesch) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: lib/53682

|  Apologies. It appears my email client is swallowing indentation. Here's
|  a link to the patch instead.
|  I've now tested this patch on macOS Terminal app 2.7.4 (388.1.2), GNOME
|  terminal 3.18.3, and XTerm 322 without observing any problems.

As I mentioned before there will be no 'display' problems (well
you removed the loop too, so I don't know what happens if it needs
to move more than one line). You just removed the code that does
<space><backspace> in the automatic margins case to move the cursor
to the next line when it is at the right margin. This code is there
to avoid putting a newline into the character buffer. If you try
to cut and paste a multi-line string from a shell that uses libedit
using mouse selection, now it will break into multiple lines, where
before it would work just fine.


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