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Re: kern/53666: tcpdump for i386 does not work with COMPAT_NETBSD32 on amd64

On 2018/10/15 19:04, Paul Goyette wrote:
and sorry for troubling you...

Don't worry about it.  This is the risk one takes when working on a branch.  I will deal with it.

Thank you for your kind words :).

Hmm, unfortunately, support for BIOC[GS]ORTIMEOUT makes the situation
worse. We have netbsd32_{to,from}_timeval50() in netbsd32_conv.h, and
they convert between netbsd32_timeval50 and timeval, not timeval50!
Apparently, we have too many different kinds of functions that share
the same naming rule :(.

Fix may be made in two steps: (1) minimum fix to HEAD for now and
netbsd-8, in order to reduce conflicts b/w pgoyette-compat branch as
much as possible, then (2) real fix after merge of pgoyette-compat.

However, I'm not sure neither whether "the minimum fix" like this

is acceptable, nor how "the real fix" should be...

I think we need to decide on what "the real fix" looks like before we decide to use one-step or two-step patch.

OK. IMO, the cause of trouble is naming rule violation for
netbsd32_{to,from}_foo() functions; we have (at least) four
different kinds of functions:

(1) Functions in netbsd32_conv.h that take two argument, struct
netbsd32_foo, and struct foo

(2) Functions in netbsd32_conv.h that require additional arguments,
e.g., netbsd32_to_iovecin():

(3) Functions in netbsd32_conv.h that do *not* convert b/w struct
netbsd32_foo and struct foo, e.g., netbsd32_to_timeval50():

(4) Functions in netbsd32_ioctl.c that require "u_long cmd" argument.
Note that the most of these functions do not actually use "cmd".

At the moment, I cannot imagine how to resolve this confusion...


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