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Re: kern/53666: tcpdump for i386 does not work with COMPAT_NETBSD32 on amd64


On 2018/10/12 13:23, matthew green wrote:
+#define netbsd32_to_timeval(p, s32p, cmd) netbsd32_to_timeval(p, s32p)
+#define netbsd32_from_timeval(p, s32p, cmd) netbsd32_from_timeval(p, s32p)

i guess we should make netbsd32_to_timeval() and
netbsd32_from_timeval() take an unused cmd argument.
then your workaround shouldn't be needed.

can you work on this?  thanks.

Well, it should be an option. However, we have more than 40 functions
of netbsd32_{to,from}_foo() in netbsd32_conv.h. Do you think all of
them should take an unused cmd argument?

Also, whereas majority of functions in netbsd32_conv.h have form of

  void netbsd_to_foo(struct netbsd32_foo *, struct foo *),

some functions are not. For example, netbsd32_to_iovecin() requires
third argument for array length and returns an integer as error:

These functions cannot be used from netbsd32_ioctl.[ch] in the present
form. Just add a cmd argument for now, and modify netbsd32_ioctl.[ch]
when it becomes really necessary?

If we add a cmd argument for netbsd32_conv.h, netbsd32_{to,from}_foo()
functions in netbsd32_ioctl.c may be moved into netbsd32_conv.h.


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