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Re: lib/53653: Curses doesn't always show line drawing characters correctly on wsvt25


>  It's not the color, but turning off A_BOLD that seems to confuse it.
>  The following standalone test case fails with TERM=wsvt25 and
>  TERM=vt200 (but works with xterm and vt100).

This might be related to the attribute unset logic in refresh.c:

where we test colour and other attributes when we disable bold (standout)
and the logic to set this in setterm.c:

However, neither of these check ACS, so __unsetattr() is another possibility:

For some reason, we think that ACS is still on but we have switched it off.
However, I'm not sure why we see the difference between xterm/vt100 and
wsvt25/vt200 here - I guess that we parse the terminfo incorrectly.



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