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Re: port-xen/53569: wskbd double attach with DIAGNOSTIC xen kernel NetBSD-8.0_STABLE

On Sun, 2 Sep 2018 22:44:02 +0200
Manuel Bouyer <> wrote:

> > >Fix:  
> > 
> > Looks like an attempt to double-attach, but there was only one USB
> > keyboard ever hooked up.  
> Even if so, it shouldn't be a problem to have multiple keyboard for
> the same console.
> The full dmesg could be usefull.

Agreed, but so far getting a good trace off this machine has been
fiendishly difficult :(  (I've got a DELAY(1000000) (Thanks Taylor!) in
printf in a panicstr condition, and that's let me at least see what's
going on before panics scroll off the screen... (and I never get
dropped to ddb proper :( )


Greg Oster

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