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Re: kern/53447: usb lock problem, mutex_enter

On Friday 13 July 2018 05:10:01 Christos Zoulas wrote:
>  Take out the cold conditional from the predicate function; it should work
>  as before then.

It didn't initially have the problem, so I typed a couple of characters and 
then backspaced to type the correct thing and got:

panic:  LOCKDEBUG: Kernel lock error: _kernel_lock,220: spinout
cpu3: Begin traceback...
vpanic() at ...
snprintf() at ...
lockdebug_more() at ...
_kernel_lock() at ...+0x1de
usb_transfer_complete() at ...+0x161
xhci_softintr() ...+0x492
xhci_poll() at ...+0x37
ukbd_cngetc() ...+0x113


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