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Re: kern/53340: Device probe for hard drive randomly fails after boot

On Jun 4,  2:05pm, wrote:
} >Number:         53340
} >Category:       kern
} >Synopsis:       Device probe for hard drive randomly fails after boot
} >Severity:       serious
} >Priority:       medium
} >Arrival-Date:   Mon Jun 04 14:05:00 +0000 2018
} >Originator:     Robert Nestor
} >Release:        NetBSD_8.0_RC1
} >Organization:
} >Environment:
} NetBSD localhost 8.0_RC1 NetBSD 8.0_RC1 (GENERIC) #0: Tue May 22 17:51:55 UTC 2018 amd64
} >Description:
} After installation on hard drive the newly installed system
} randomly fails to complete booting.  It fails during device
} enumeration where it can't always locate the hard disk that it
} is booting from.  This is using a BIOS boot on an HP 6200 MT
} where UEFI booting has been disabled.
} The failure to find the hard drive happens about 50% of the time. 

     Do you see a message that says WDCTL_RST failed?  If so, then
this a known problem and there are already multiple PRs for it.
If not, then you need to provide more information, such as a dmesg
(at least a snippet showing the hard drive part) of when it fails
and when it succeeds.  As is, you haven't provided enough information
to even have any idea what the problem is, much less diagnose and
repair it.

} >How-To-Repeat:
} Reboot system
} >Fix:
} Unknown, but the workaround it to attempting to reboot the system.
}-- End of excerpt from

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