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re: kern/52781: audioctl can't set output gain

hi Nat,

old mail, i missed replying to earlier:

>  > This may not critical but is problematic to 8.0 release.
>  > How about revert audio.c 1.354 ?
>  I think it is not a good idea to revert this change as it was intended that 
>  the play/record.gain will only set the gain the particular audio channel it is 
>  applied to and mixerctl is used for setting the master volume which will effect 
>  all channels.

while i'm deleting your rationale for the above, i'd like
disagree fundumentally with this.

play.gain is the traditional way the "sun audio" interface has
worked, so any other tool that thought this was a master volume
(which it has been, until recently) has to be updated, whether
it is a C program or a script.

that's not particularly nice for the end users, so i would like
to at least restore the original functionality if there is one
vchan only, if not more generally.



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