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Re: port-amd64/53087: Small, unreadable dark gray font in installer's black text console makes installation impossible.

Il 11/03/2018 alle 10:25, Leonardo Taccari ha scritto:

> Can you please try to enter boot(8) pressing a key, `Drop to boot
> prompt' and then `boot -c' (to drop at userconf(4) prompt) and
> in userconf:
>  uc> find radeon*
>  [420] radeon* at pci? dev ? function ?
>  uc> find radeondrmkmsfb*
>  [421] radeondrmkmsfb* at radeonfbbus?
>  uc> disable 420
>  [420] radeon* disabled
>  uc> disable 421
>  [421] radeondrmkmsfb* disabled
>  uc> quit
> This is just a workaround to disable `drmkms' but probably will
> make installation possible.

That works, thank you. But, if I were to install NetBSD, would I need to
enter those commands at every boot?

Dario Niedermann.                 Also on the Internet at:

gopher://  <>

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