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Re: misc/53091: Web page refers to non-existent directory

The following reply was made to PR misc/53091; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Leonardo Taccari <>
Subject: Re: misc/53091: Web page refers to non-existent directory
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 10:50:20 +0100

 Hello Ray, writes:
 > >Number:         53091
 > >Category:       misc
 > >Synopsis:       Web page refers to non-existent directory
 > >Confidential:   no
 > >Severity:       non-critical
 > >Priority:       low
 > >Responsible:    misc-bug-people
 > >State:          open
 > >Class:          doc-bug
 > >Submitter-Id:   net
 > >Arrival-Date:   Mon Mar 12 07:00:00 +0000 2018
 > >Originator:     Ray
 > >Release:        7.1.1
 > >Organization:
 > >Environment:
 > NetBSD b2.home 7.1.1 NetBSD 7.1.1 (GENERIC.201712222334Z) amd64
 > >Description:
 > Section 6.2.2 on this Web page:
 > says NetBSD's src.tgz file contains a directory with documentation about=
  vi (usr/src/usr.bin/vi/docs).  However, that's not right as far as I can =
 tell.  I checked by downloading this file:
 Nice catch! IMHO it is probably better to redirect the reader directly
 to files installed as part as the misc.tgz installation set.
 While here I have also updated the suggested documentation according the
 ones installed in /usr/share/doc, a patch to address that for htdocs is
 available in:
 ...and if you directly would like to just take a look the chap-edit.html
 regenerated HTML with this patch is available here:
 > Given that, what follows is probably irrelevant, but in case you decide =
 to put that directory back into src.tgz, one if its files might contain a =
 mistake, judging by this...
 > I found a copy of "An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi" here:
 > and its section 7.4 has an error:
 > [str]    	matches any single character not in str
 > which of course should be:
 > [^str]    	matches any single character not in str
 > [...]
 Mmh, this is nowdays available in
 `/usr/share/doc/usd/vi/vitut.{ps.gz,txt}'. I guess that maybe the
 HTML version just messed up the `^' character. The one in the `.txt'
 seems okay while the one in `.ps.gz' is a bit more confusing but seems
 documented in `2.1 Scrolling and paging' in order to clarify the `^' in
 e.g. [^str] or `^' (to go to the first non-white on line) and ^<char>
 (e.g. ^W to erase a word during an insert) used as a `Control + <char>'
 So, I would prefer to leave them as-is.
 I will wait several days and if there will be no feedback I will commit
 the proposed patch to htdocs.
 Thank you Ray for the PR!

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