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Re: kern/23364 ("(gdb) info auxv" doesn't work)

Synopsis: "(gdb) info auxv" doesn't work

State-Changed-From-To: open->closed
State-Changed-When: Fri, 06 Oct 2017 23:17:50 +0200
It works now.

(gdb) info auxv
3    AT_PHDR              Program headers for program    0x5c600040
4    AT_PHENT             Size of program header entry   56
5    AT_PHNUM             Number of program headers      8
6    AT_PAGESZ            System page size               4096
7    AT_BASE              Base address of interpreter    0x7f7f7e800000
8    AT_FLAGS             Flags                          0x0
9    AT_ENTRY             Entry point of program         0x5c600e60
2000 AT_SUN_UID           Effective user ID              1000
2001 AT_SUN_RUID          Real user ID                   1000
2002 AT_SUN_GID           Effective group ID             100
2003 AT_SUN_RGID          Real group ID                  100
13   AT_GID               Real group ID                  140187723288576
2014 AT_SUN_EXECNAME      Canonicalized file name given to execve 0x7f7fff72c478 "/bin/cat"
0    AT_NULL              End of vector                  0x0

Proper support is stable with ptrace(2) PIOD_READ_AUXV.

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