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Re: kern/52587: NetBSD 8 panic after a few days of uptime

On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 7:25 PM,  <> wrote:
>>Number:         52587
>>Category:       kern
>>Synopsis:       NetBSD 8 panic after a few days of uptime
>>Confidential:   no
>>Severity:       serious
>>Priority:       medium
>>Responsible:    kern-bug-people
>>State:          open
>>Class:          sw-bug
>>Submitter-Id:   net
>>Arrival-Date:   Sun Oct 01 10:25:01 +0000 2017
>>Originator:     Dominik Bialy
>>Release:        NetBSD 8.0_BETA
> Underlegend Networks
> System: NetBSD yenn 8.0_BETA NetBSD 8.0_BETA (YENN) #0: Fri Sep 15 12:57:31 UTC 2017 builds@yenn:/var/obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/YENN amd64
> Architecture: x86_64
> Machine: amd64
>         After a few days of uptime the server paniced.
> panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "(psref->psref_cpu == curcpu())" failed: file "/usr/src/sys/kern/subr_psref.c", line 296 passive reference transferred from CPU 1 to CPU 0
> cpu0: Begin traceback...
> vpanic() at netbsd:vpanic+0x140
> ch_voltag_convert_in() at netbsd:ch_voltag_convert_in
> psref_release() at netbsd:psref_release+0x1ee
> bridge_input() at netbsd:bridge_input+0x8a3
> tap_dev_write.isra.7() at netbsd:tap_dev_write.isra.7+0x12d
> cdev_write() at netbsd:cdev_write+0x70
> spec_write() at netbsd:spec_write+0xb2
> VOP_WRITE() at netbsd:VOP_WRITE+0x37
> vn_write() at netbsd:vn_write+0xec
> dofilewrite() at netbsd:dofilewrite+0x97
> sys_write() at netbsd:sys_write+0x5f
> syscall() at netbsd:syscall+0x1d8
> --- syscall (number 4) ---
> 71835583dfda:
> cpu0: End traceback...
>         There is OpenVPN/tap set up on the server, if this matters.  The CPU is AMD Athlon 64 X2.
>         Don't know...
>         None known... Maybe disabling second core would be a workaround.

I fixed the issue in -current and requested a pullup to -8 branch.
So 8.0_BETA will soon fix the issue. If you want the fix right now,
please apply r1.135 of src/sys/net/if_bridge.c to your kernel by hand.

Thank you for the report,

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