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Re: kern/52075

On Tue, 11 Apr 2017 12:15:44 Ian D. Leroux wrote:
Hi Ian,

> I've now rebuilt base system from sources of April 7th, and rebuilt
> timidity thereafter, but the bug persists.  Is there any easy way of
> checking which audio channels are getting (re)opened to see if I'm
> hearing the problem you described or something different?

I just want to make sure things have been done in the right order as the use 
of the ioctls AUDIO_GET/SETCHAN will only be in effect if timidity is built on 
current with the appropriate audioio.h.

Ensure that /usr/incude/sys/audioio.h is from the rebuilt base system.
Rebuild timidity-2.14.0nb21 from NetBSD-current.

To confirm this will address the problem you can run your current version of 
timidity with the -k 0(zero) switch ie. timidity -k 0 my.mid.

This means that timidity will write audio ignoring the posisition from the 
auidoctl device.

If the bug still persists then it is definately a differnet problem and I will 
address it.

> -- IDL

Best regards,


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