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Re: PR/52039 CVS commit: src/sys/dev/pci

I just checked: ihphy0 is detached long before wm0 like you would expect with the normal device tree tear down. So at first sight the NULL pointer for the children is not surprising to me.

wd0: detached
atabus3: detached
atabus2: detached
atabus0: detached
pci8: detached
pci4: detached
pci2: detached
ihphy0: detached
sysbeep0: detached
midi0: detached
pchb15: detached
pchb14: detached
pchb13: detached
pchb12: detached
pchb11: detached
pchb10: detached
pchb9: detached
pchb8: detached
pchb7: detached
pchb6: detached
pchb5: detached
pchb4: detached
pchb3: detached
pchb2: detached
pchb1: detached
ppb7: detached
ppb3: detached
ppb1: detached
wm0: detached
pchb0: detached
thinkpad0: detached
pci9: detached
forcefully unmounted /dev/wd1a on / type ffs
wd1: detached
atabus1: detached

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