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Re: bin/51726: sort -n ignored if given after -k

    Date:        Tue, 27 Dec 2016 10:30:49 +0530
    From:        Abhinav Upadhyay <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | I have a new patch which fixes this issue without breaking any tests,
  | please have a look:

The first 2 chunks of that appear to change the way that global opts
after a -k are linked in ... before the change

	sort -d -k1,2f -i k2,3n

would (incorrectly according to posix) sort on the first key with the d & f
flags (posix would expect only f) and then the 2nd key with d i & n flags
(and then if needed, the whole record with d and i flags).

After your proposed change, as I read it, the effect would be to sort
on the first key with d f and i flags, and then the second key with d and n
flags (and then the whole record with just d).

Since the meaning of global opts after a -k is explicitly undefined, making
that change is something that could be done, but I am not sure that there
is really any overall merit in it.   What we have now isn'tgreat, but at
least can be explained, global options apply to all following -k's, and
so has some potential use.

After the change, glbal options after a -k are essentially just attached
to the preceding -k, right, so

	sork -k1,2 -n

is exactly the same as

	sort -1,2n

I am not sure there is any real point to that.

The third change in the diff looks to be just churn, whcih changes nothing,
and shouldn't really be there at all.


ps: neither you, nor I above, made any reference to the r flag, which is
currently just different, and really should not be (but its current impl
is scattered all over.)

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