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Re: lib/51673: curses: standend() does not turn off A_BOLD (Christos Zoulas) wrote:

> This is a difference between XPG4 curses and BSD curses. I am not sure
> what's
> the best way to deal with it.
> says that
> standend()
> is equivalent to calling attron(A_NORMAL), whereby our man pages state that
> standend only turns off the standout attribute.
> I think that we should follow suit, but it feels wrong :-)

Sorry, I didn't know, that it is intended.  Brett Lymn wrote few days ago, that NetBSD curses follows the spec mentioned above.  Because of that I even didn't check the manpage--which clearly states that only A_STANDOUD is cleared.  It does not harm to add a attrset(A_NORMAL) in the code which works with ncurses too.  Maybe it is better to withdraw this commit.  Sorry for the work and confusion :(

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