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Re: port-powerpc/51366: kernel for powerpc/ibm4xx miscompiled by gcc >= 4.8.5

On 2016/09/18 6:10, coypu%SDF.ORG@localhost wrote:
 what you seem to be suggesting: set the default for RS6000 to ppc64, as
 the kernel is miscompiled when ppc is chosen.
 aside from seeming like a very dangerous change, it's very confusing to
 me. the documentation I have[1] says that ppc405 is 32bit.

My patch does nothing for 64-bit machines. It merely stops gcc issuing a
bogus pseudo-op for 32-bit machines. gcc >= 4.8.5 generates ".machine ppc"
pseudo-op for 32-bit environment, which discards CPU type specified by
-mcpu or -Wa,-m option. This results in miscompiling kernel codes for,
at least, 405.

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