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re: xsrc/50599: xf86-video-r128 6.10.0 breaks rage 128 pro ultra

The following reply was made to PR xsrc/50599; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "John D. Baker" <>
Subject: re: xsrc/50599: xf86-video-r128 6.10.0 breaks rage 128 pro ultra
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 18:03:46 -0500 (CDT)

 With recent updates to "native" Xorg in -current, including the r128
 driver, I updated my affected i386 system with the 201608260900Z TNF
 snapshot build.
 If I understand correctly, the TNF snapshots build the newer drivers, but
 the older (v1.10) server.  I don't know if this is expected to work.
 Starting X with:
   $ X -retro &
 switched virtual terminals, but never produced any display.  It then
 became clear that the machine had panicked.  As the machine was
 semi-diskless (swap, /tmp, and auxilliary fs on local disk), it saved
 a crash dump.  Upon reboot, the Xorg.0.log file was 0 length and the
 following backtrace was obtained via 'crash':
 1025 [sysop@verthandi:/var/tmp]$ crash -N netbsd.3 -M netbsd.3.core
 Crash version 7.99.36, image version 7.99.36.
 System panicked: trap
 Backtrace from time of crash is available.
 crash> bt
 _KERNEL_OPT_NAGR(0,104,c0113f2a,8,c0671d89,0,104,c06375aa,db655bec,db655bd0) at 0
 (104,0,c06375aa,db655bec,c3bef800,6,db655c74,db655be0,c04e412a,c06375aa) at +0xd
 ,13246) at vpanic+0x131
 snprintf(c06375aa,db655c74,db655c74,1,db6532c0,13246,2c,0,c358ea58,0) at snprint
 trap() at trap+0xc9f
 --- trap (number 6) ---
 b655d1c,44) at r128_cce_idle+0x6f
 drm_ioctl(b400,0,20006444,db655eac,43,c3bef800,c3bef800,20006444,c075de00,43) at
  at cdev_ioctl+0xbe
 0006444) at spec_ioctl+0x91
 VOP_IOCTL(c377240c,20006444,db655eac,43,c47dec00,6000,0,5173,0,0) at VOP_IOCTL+0
 vn_ioctl(c3e11140,20006444,db655eac,1,0,0,c062b1c8,c48e8250,0,db655eac) at vn_io
  at sys_ioctl+0xfc
 syscall() at syscall+0x13c
 --- syscall (number 54) ---
 crash> quit
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