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Re: port-amd64/51279: bootxx_ffsv2 hangs

> On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 10:59:08PM +0200, Benny Siegert wrote:
>> It makes no difference if bootxx_ffsv1 or v2 is used. Both give the same result.
> This is very strange.
> Does the ld0 disk appear somehow in the output of sysctl machdep.diskinfo?
> I guess it should be wd1 there, as you said boot hd1a:/netbsd works from
> usb.

I got grub2 (pc) to boot NetBSD working in the meantime. When booting from grub, machdep.diskinfo has
ld0 sd0

So ld0 is 0x80? The 0x81 comes from the fact (I think) that the BIOS inserts the USB as 0x80 when booting from it.

> I wonder if the bios keeps it at index 1 (0x81) even if booting from it,
> but passes 0x80 to the boot block?

Probably not?

> Debugging this will probably involve
> creating special boot blocks with "look how far I got" printouts. Can
> you reboot that machine freely for testing?

Given that I have neither network nor X, I cannot run it productively, so sure, I’d love to! :)

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