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re: bin/51331: cdrom will not mount after first time

>  I messed around with this a little bit today and am more inclined to
>  think software bug and not bad hardware.
>  So I could mount/unmount the cdrom any number of times, but only if
>  didn't eject.  Once ejected, I could not mount any longer and had to
>  reboot.

this reminds me heavily of a problem i have.

i can't run "eject" on my new desktop cdrom, i see the same problem
i guess.  i have to use the manual button.

it also makes my whole system kind of suck -- there's something
holding the kernel lock i guess, as it is extremely slow and has
multiple 10s of non-responsive periods before the eject times out.

i never got around to testing beyond avoiding it yet, or testing
out a different drive.  i've been using netbsd-7 on that system.

i wonder if it is some new(?) software problem or some new hardware
support issue.


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