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Re: bin/51269: pkg_info enhancements

On Sat, Jun 25, 2016 at 10:35:00AM +0000, wrote:
> * Allow for querying of more than one variable at a time, by specifying
>   multiple -Q options
> 	pkg_info -Q PKGPATH -Q PKGNAME

So, how would I know where one variable ends and the next one starts?

> * Allow querying for a list of packages that have a variable set, and/or
>   packages that have a variable set to a specific value (and maybe even
>   a third variant to get a list of packages that do _not_ set the variable).
> 	pkg_info -V variable_name
> 	pkg_info -V variable_name=value
> 	pkg_info -V \!variable

Given that this can be trivally written as shell loop, I don't see the

> * Allow querying for a list of automatic packages.  Currently we have -a
>   for "all" or -u for "user" but nothing for "automatic"

Same here. E.g.:

pkg_info -e '*' | while read pkg; do
	case $(pkg_info -Q automatic "$pkg") in
	        echo "$pkg"

> * When querying a variable in multiple packages, (optionally) print each
>   package name as well as the variable's value.  Consider
> 	pkg_info -Q PKGPATH \*

Same problem as the first, can be written as in the former example.


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