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Re: install/51214: Sysinst should add dhcpcd to rc.conf with -b flag.

On Sat, Jun 04, 2016 at 04:45:01AM +0000, Robert Elz wrote:
>    |  Don't we have a notion of mountcritical which could work for NFS case?
>  Those (mountcritlocal and mountcritremote) make sure that the mounts happen
>  before they are required to be used elsewhere, they have nothing to do with
>  delaying mount attempts until the network is ready.

I see, this situation is very tricky :-(

>    |  I'm unsure what is the reason for ntp/ntpdate to be so critical.
>  Lots of things fail to work correctly if the time is not monotonically
>  increasing.   Unlike ntpd, ntpdate will step the clock, forward or backward,
>  as needed (which is exactly what it should do, when run before anything else
>  is started, or as little else as possible.)

I didn't know about that, sorry.

>  NetBSD already boots to a runnable state much quicker than most
>  other systems, and in general there are reasons for the sequence.

I do not have concrete numbers (and even if I did, we could argue about
their validity), but I feel like machines can and do complete a full
boot in the time it takes me to load nouveau or wait on ntpdate.

>    |  (while here, a third candidate is powerd).
>  That ons potentially could start slower (I think) but does its startup time
>  really matter?  I cannot recall ever noticing any kind of delay from
>  powerd starting up (there's probably more time spent writing to the console
>  that it is starting, than actually starting it...)

I managed to find one example that's probably valid!! ;-)

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