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Re: bin/48928 Issue building static X11 clients

this is almost certainly this chunk of code i apparently never got back
to fixing in the original native-xorg port from native-x11 (which does
include these files.)


  9 .if 0
 10 SRCS+=  imCallbk.c imDefFlt.c imDefIc.c imDefIm.c imDefLkup.c imDispch.c \
 11         imEvToWire.c imExten.c imImSw.c imInsClbk.c imInt.c imLcFlt.c \
 12         imLcGIc.c imLcIc.c imLcIm.c imLcLkup.c imLcPrs.c imLcSIc.c imRm.c \
 13         imRmAttr.c imThaiFlt.c imThaiIc.c imThaiIm.c imTrX.c imTrans.c \
 14         imTransR.c lcEuc.c lcGenConv.c lcJis.c lcSjis.c lcUTF8Load.c \
 15         omDefault.c omGeneric.c omImText.c omText.c omTextEsc.c omTextExt.c \
 16         omTextPer.c omXChar.c
 17 .endif

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