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Re: kern/51148: i386 install floppies no longer boot

Le 25/05/2016 à 19:06, Andreas Gustafsson a écrit :

I have now run the tests you asked for.

	Does reverting only [1] fix the problem?

Yes.  The system still doesn't install because the kernel is unable
to exec /sbin/init, but this is a different bug; when I don't revert
[1], the kernel does not even start (there are no kernel messages
on the console).

	What if you put 'fillkpt' instead of 'fillkpt_nox' in [1]?

I tested with this patch against 2016. sources:

diff -u -r1.124 locore.S
--- locore.S    15 May 2016 07:17:53 -0000      1.124
+++ locore.S    25 May 2016 14:33:35 -0000
@@ -731,7 +731,7 @@
        movl    RELOC(tablesize),%ecx   /* length of BOOTSTRAP TABLES */
        shrl    $PGSHIFT,%ecx
        orl     $(PG_V|PG_KW),%eax
-       fillkpt_nox
+       fillkpt

        /* We are on (4). Map ISA I/O mem (later atdevbase) RWX. */
        movl    $(IOM_BEGIN|PG_V|PG_KW/*|PG_N*/),%eax

and it did _not_ fix the problem.

Thanks for the tests. I see where the problem is, and I'll commit a patch

Later, you wrote:

I would be happy to do the tests myself. But the only i386 machine I have right
now is a VirtualBox VM, and there is PR 51134 that reboots the machine every ~5
minutes. I can do almost nothing on it.

What do you host VirtualBox on?  You can test the i386 port using anita+qemu
even on a non-i386 host.

I'll answer in the other PR.

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