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Re: toolchain/51147: Segmentation fault with on OpenBSD current (trying rump)

On May 20,  1:02pm, (<>) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: toolchain/51147: Segmentation fault with on OpenBSD 

| Not sure if I understand you properly now. It is not NetBSD machine. I am o=
| n OpenBSD and following tutorial for Rumpkernel. Part of that is download o=
| f src-netbsd via git and then trying to build it with (necessary t=
| ools). However it always crash on same place no matter if gcc or egcc is us=
| ed. There are no binaries inside relevant tools directory, not are others i=
| n bin=0A=
| =0A=
| $ pwd=0A=
| /home/username/rump/rumprun/src-netbsd=0A=
| $ ls -F bin/=0A=
| cat/   chmod/ cp/    dd/    df/    ed/    ln/    ls/    mkdir/ mv/    pax/ =
|   rm/    rmdir/=0A=
| $ ls -F elftools.x86_64/bin/=0A=
| nbmake*       nbmake-amd64*=0A=
| $=0A=

I understand. in src-netbsd there is a tools subdirectory. It contains the
toolchain to build the system. In tools there is a texinfo directory. Under
that there should be the binaries for the tool that coredumps. Alternatively
cp /usr/bin/true to the tool that core-dumps so the build can proceed :-)


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