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re: kern/49744: blank screen DL-360 radeon

i tried my old laptop with this problem with -current and netbsd-7
head, and while the console itself seems to work now (it boots up
for me with normal colours, and the smaller drm2-style font), trying
to start X11 hangs X and when X tries to exit, the system soft hangs.
i haven't gotten useful data yet on what happens -- the disk in this
system decided to die.  i suspect, given what hangs, that proc_lock
is left held when X is exiting, but i'm guessing.

so, there is some progress at least for my system -- the console is
now usable.  i had to patch my radeon_pci.c to enable the attach,
and since X is still broken i don't think we should change that yet.


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