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Re: kern/50810: Kernel page fault trap in ugenclose()

On 02/16/16 09:30, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:
  ugenioctl: cmd=c00c5567
  ugenclose: flag=1, mode=8192, unit=0, endpt=1
  ugenclose: endpt=1 dir=1 sce=0xffff8000037e34d8
  ugenclose: endpt=1 dir=1 no edesc
  ugenclose: flag=2, mode=8192, unit=0, endpt=2
  ugenclose: endpt=2 dir=0 sce=0xffff8000037e3660
  ugenclose: endpt=2 dir=0 no edesc
  ugenclose: flag=3, mode=8192, unit=0, endpt=0
  ugenclose: close control
The ioctl (USB_SET_ALTINTERFACE) is blatting edesc and making it fail

Not sure why it's doing this before closing the endpoints.

Maybe the ioctl should fail here?


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