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Re: kern/50809: pf panics while purging state

On Feb 15,  3:25pm, (Hauke Fath) wrote:
-- Subject: kern/50809: pf panics while purging state

We really need to decide what to do with pf and ipf. People keep using
them but it seems that the versions in the tree have bit rotted and we
get kernel bugs that nobody seems to care about fixing. Particularly
in the pf case, the code is really old and should be really updated to
the latest pf if we want to maintain this packet filter in the tree.

If we are not going to maintain them or spend cycles try to fix the
bugs people report, we should get people to use npf which we actively
maintain. For that we need to get npf to have feature parity with the
other packet filters. Hauke can you try switching in this case?


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