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re: xsrc/50599: xf86-video-r128 6.10.0 breaks rage 128 pro ultra

looking at the changes between 6.9.2 and 6.10.0 there are a
bunch of changes to the code that grabs modes.

here's a list of the ones that caught my eye for any reason:

commit 3ed5035074540785f820906529fcce3148e0b387
    Port to RandR

commit 3bbce42414abea6c9977ff2b023ce3210d78f008 (*)
    Move display enabling code to DPMS

commit 2072d9aa1a144e699f020a7f9e6a870e410bc9d7
    Improve handling of monitor and output types

commit 6140081f0e8f41cf85b8e86f7a9474c20be9a2e9
    Remove custom dualhead code

commit d49c3431e92a6120b054959ce6910e8decf61c67 
    Remove custom DGA code 
commit 0519b7b3aac61dfd57cbf3bb0da561ca9bd079cb 
    Improve panel code 

commit b9c9779398828d4a1491e32f731aad6f79653976 (*)
    Look for VGA ports in the VBIOS

commit d05022a1c398787d3f21d023a8251cb128ba9f9f (*)
    Update bitmasks for DDC

in particular the ones i marked (*).  the while diff is about
1.2MB, but only about 220KB is in sources and not generated


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