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Re: bin/50574 (lib/libutil/t_parsedate:relative test fails at times)

On Jan 2, 11:20am, (Martin Husemann) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/50574 (lib/libutil/t_parsedate:relative test fails at tim

|  I'd argue that all of this should be removed. It is "parsedate" and not
|  "Siri", "Eliza", or the wolfram alpha interface. IMHO "tomorrow" is not
|  a date, but "Jan 3, 2016" is - even if both would mean the same to a
|  human reader today.
|  If we fear for backward compat, at least document them as deprecated
|  and disable all tests for them.

These are used all the time. Haven't you ran cvs -D '-1 week', or
cvs -D yesterday?


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