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re: kern/49707: i386 i915drmkms on 82845G/GL panic with Xorg intel driver

>  I rebuilt with MKDEBUG=yes (and MKDEBUG_LIB=yes, just in case).  I presume
>  I would issue something like:
>    # gdb -s /usr/libdata/debug/usr/X11R7/bin/Xorg.debug -e /usr/X11R7/bin/Xorg

you shouldn't need to specify the debug info file directly, it should
be referenced such that GDB will find it.

>  In any event, I tried that, and 'gdb' claimed there were no debugging
>  symbols found.  Running X still ends in Bus Error and the output is the
>  same as my previous post on the matter.
>  I suppose I need to do a non-update build if I've not built with
>  MKDEBUG=yes before?  I'm doing that now.  It will take some time.

another method is to set "DBG=-g -O2" in mk.conf or environment when
building (without MKDEBUG).  this leaves full debugging info in the
normal binaries..

i don't know what's wrong that it isn't working yet, but either try
using gdb normally, or, try building with DBG as above.


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