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Re: kern/46557 (sys/syslog.h can't be compiled on its own with -D_KERNEL)

On Sep 9,  6:37am, ( wrote:
-- Subject: Re: kern/46557 (sys/syslog.h can't be compiled on its own with -D

| My inclination is to keep this open and mark it suspended until we can
| undertake such a cleanup. Is that ok? It would still probably be helpful
| to accumulate a consensus on whether it's time to phase out the historical
| expectation.

I don't think that such undertaking is worth-while since none of
the kernel headers are documented to be standalone. If you do that
then you will end up including <sys/systm.h> <sys/types.h>
<sys/param.h> <sys/ansi.h> <sys/proc.h> from a lot of places and
this will happen over and over again for each header in the source
file. Also if you do that you should clean the userland visible
headers to avoid duplicate inclusions for efficiency. I.e. if you
add <sys/ansi.h> to <sys/syslog.h> you should remove it from
<syslog.h>. Things are fine as they are now; if you are compiling
kernel files it is up to you to figure out and add the include
dependencies. It is not like if you fix it once, it will stay fixed
since there is no harness to check that each header is compilable
standalone (but you will need to write one too).


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