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Re: kern/50185: dwctwo attach failure

On 08/31/15 21:40, wrote:

Number:         50185
Category:       kern
Synopsis:       dwctwo attach failure
Confidential:   no
Severity:       critical
Priority:       high
Responsible:    kern-bug-people
State:          open
Class:          sw-bug
Submitter-Id:   net
Arrival-Date:   Mon Aug 31 20:40:00 +0000 2015
Originator:     Martin Husemann
Release:        NetBSD 7.99.21
The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
ERLITE evbmips64



0x90000000000bebc0: dwc2_init+18c (63061,ffffffff80493880,ffffffff804b6520,fffff
fff804b6470) ra ffffffff8034cf38 sz 160
0x90000000000bec60: octeon_dwc2_attach+938 (63061,ffffffff80493880,ffffffff804b6
520,ffffffff804b6470) ra ffffffff8038474c sz 32
0x90000000000bec80: config_attach_loc+1b4 (63061,ffffffff80493880,ffffffff804b65
20,ffffffff804b6470) ra ffffffff80351c44 sz 64
0x90000000000becc0: iobus_attach+174 (63061,ffffffff80493880,ffffffff804b6520,ff
ffffff804b6470) ra ffffffff8038474c sz 144
0x90000000000bed50: config_attach_loc+1b4 (63061,ffffffff80493880,ffffffff804b65
20,ffffffff804b6470) ra ffffffff802e81b8 sz 64
0x90000000000bed90: mainbus_attach+a0 (63061,ffffffff80493880,ffffffff804b6520,f
fffffff804b6470) ra ffffffff8038474c sz 80

dwc2_init is failing and it's not clear to me why

Can you get the debug output from a DWC2_DEBUG kernel with dwc2debug set to 2


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