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Re: bin/49868: tftpd(8) doesn't play well with clients that return acknowledgements to the broadcast address

On Apr 30,  2:40pm, (Brian Buhrow) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/49868: tftpd(8) doesn't play well with clients that retur

| 	Hello.  The only way to get the tftpd to return packets to the
| broadcast address is if inetd can be tricked into initiating a connection
| with a broadcast address.  In looking at the inetd(8) source code, it looks
| like there are checks in there to assure that this doesn't happen.  The
| change I'm making won't allow traffic to be redirected to a broadcast
| address after the fact even if a reply comes from a broadcast address
| in the midle of a session.  That's because tftpd(8) only sets the client's
| source address from the socket passed to it by inetd(8).  Once that's done,
| it doesn't change for the life of the session.
| -thanks
| -Brian


I'd still put a comment in the source where we turn broadcast on why this
is done, and why it is ok (so people are not mystified in the future).


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