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Re: bin/49868: tftpd(8) doesn't play well with clients that return acknowledgements to the broadcast address

	Hello.  I think Christos' suggestion of turning on this functionality
with a  command line option and documenting that option is a good idea.  While
I don't think doing things just because Linux does them is a good reason,
I'll note that Linux's in.tftpd has the -a option which can be used to
implement this same functionality.  I think we should implement this
functionality because our users are pretty network savvy, they often work
with older broken equipment where they are likely to encounter this bug and
because having it will make it very convenient for our users to  work
around issues like this.  Before I figured out what was going on and how to
fix it, I was considering installing Linux or firing up my Windows
machine to deal with this piece of hardware.  Finally, given the fact that
this change only permits the reception of broadcast traffic on an ephemeral
port, not the main tftp port, it's unclear to me how much abuse potential
this change really introduces.  For most users, this addition will mostly
go unused.But, for those that need it, they'll be glad to have it in a
pinch!  I think that makes it worth doing.

On Apr 30,  7:46pm, <> wrote:
} Subject: Re: bin/49868: tftpd(8) doesn't play well with clients that retur
} SXMgdGhlcmUgYW55IHJlYXNvbiB3aHkgdGZ0cGQgc2hvdWxkIG9wZXJhdGUgd2l0aCBzdWNoIGNs
} aWVudHM/ICBJdCBzb3VuZHMgbGlrZSBhIHByb3RvY29sIHZpb2xhdGlvbiwgYW5kIGdpdmVuIHRo
} ZSBwb3RlbnRpYWwgZm9yIGFidXNlIGl0IGRvZXNu4oCZdCBzZWVtIGxpa2Ug4oCcYmUgdG9sZXJh
} bnTigJ0gc2hvdWxkIGFwcGx5Lg0KDQoJcGF1bA0K
>-- End of excerpt from <>

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