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Re: kern/49744: blank screen DL-360 radeon

On Mar 12,  8:30pm, ("John D. Baker") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: kern/49744: blank screen DL-360 radeon

|  This sounds like it might be the same as the issue described in this
|  thread:
|  observed on HP DL-380, Dell PowerEdge 2950 (ATI ES1000), and Dell
|  PowerEdge 2850 (ATI Radeon 7000/VE QY).
|  Does the bright white cursor appear near the bottom left of the screen?
|  Depending on the characteristics of the display, there may be barely-
|  visible white text (if you put your nose on the screen in a dim/dark
|  room).

Yes, it is... I can't see the text though. It is on a virtual console.


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