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Re: lib/49429: Import strtonum(3)

Kamil Rytarowski wrote
> In my opinion this should be considered differently:
> - if someone wants safe atoi(3) replacement will switch to strtonum(3),
> - if someone wants to handle cases with trailing characters, will use atoi(3),
> - if someone wants to handle special cases (different base, complex error handling) will stay with strtol-like functions
> I think that some developers want to consider strtonum(3) as a strtol(3) (or sscanf(3)) replacement, what is wrong. And here is the key of our misunderstanding (safe atoi on steroids vs 'orchestra' function).

So to add my last word here. If we could consider strtonum(3) this way as a safe atoi(3) replacement (then there is no need to "fix" the API... as atoi(3) returns just int), please give me green light and then:
- I will kill all occurrences of strtonum.c in our code-base,
- Import strtonum(3),
- Global switch to our strtonum(3).

I need strtonum(3) in pkgsrc as well, so I after merging the code with src/ I will propose a patch for pkgsrc (libnbcompat).

BTW. It's not a valid argument, but for Lua developers, strtonum is an idiom of a function converting strings to numbers.

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