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Re: kern/49396

The following reply was made to PR kern/49396; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Martin Husemann <>
Subject: Re: kern/49396
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 14:26:23 +0100

 Here is mutex_oncpu in full length:
 Reading symbols from netbsd.gdb...done.
 (gdb) x/16i mutex_oncpu
    0x80146348 <mutex_oncpu>:    mov     r12, sp
    0x8014634c <mutex_oncpu+4>:  push    {r4, r11, r12, lr, pc}
    0x80146350 <mutex_oncpu+8>:  sub     r11, r12, #4
    0x80146354 <mutex_oncpu+12>: sub     sp, sp, #12
    0x80146358 <mutex_oncpu+16>: mov     r4, r0
    0x8014635c <mutex_oncpu+20>: bl      0x8015cb18 <kpreempt_disabled>
    0x80146360 <mutex_oncpu+24>: cmp     r0, #0
    0x80146364 <mutex_oncpu+28>: beq     0x801463b0 <mutex_oncpu+104>
    0x80146368 <mutex_oncpu+32>: cmp     r4, #0
    0x8014636c <mutex_oncpu+36>: moveq   r0, r4
    0x80146370 <mutex_oncpu+40>: beq     0x80146394 <mutex_oncpu+76>
    0x80146374 <mutex_oncpu+44>: bic     r4, r4, #15
    0x80146378 <mutex_oncpu+48>: ldr     r0, [r4, #12]
    0x8014637c <mutex_oncpu+52>: cmp     r0, #0
    0x80146380 <mutex_oncpu+56>: beq     0x80146394 <mutex_oncpu+76>
    0x80146384 <mutex_oncpu+60>: ldr     r3, [r0, #392]  ; 0x188
    0x80146388 <mutex_oncpu+64>: cmp     r4, r3
    0x8014638c <mutex_oncpu+68>: movne   r0, #0
    0x80146390 <mutex_oncpu+72>: beq     0x8014639c <mutex_oncpu+84>
    0x80146394 <mutex_oncpu+76>: sub     sp, r11, #16
    0x80146398 <mutex_oncpu+80>: ldm     sp, {r4, r11, sp, pc}
    0x8014639c <mutex_oncpu+84>: ldr     r0, [r0]
    0x801463a0 <mutex_oncpu+88>: subs    r0, r4, r0
    0x801463a4 <mutex_oncpu+92>: movne   r0, #1
    0x801463a8 <mutex_oncpu+96>: sub     sp, r11, #16
    0x801463ac <mutex_oncpu+100>:        ldm     sp, {r4, r11, sp, pc}
    0x801463b0 <mutex_oncpu+104>:        movw    r3, #407        ; 0x197
    0x801463b4 <mutex_oncpu+108>:        movw    r0, #55464      ; 0xd8a8
    0x801463b8 <mutex_oncpu+112>:        str     r3, [sp]
    0x801463bc <mutex_oncpu+116>:        movw    r1, #55516      ; 0xd8dc
    0x801463c0 <mutex_oncpu+120>:        movt    r0, #32824      ; 0x8038
    0x801463c4 <mutex_oncpu+124>:        movw    r2, #59796      ; 0xe994
    0x801463c8 <mutex_oncpu+128>:        movt    r1, #32824      ; 0x8038
    0x801463cc <mutex_oncpu+132>:        movw    r3, #28516      ; 0x6f64
    0x801463d0 <mutex_oncpu+136>:        movt    r2, #32824      ; 0x8038
    0x801463d4 <mutex_oncpu+140>:        movt    r3, #32826      ; 0x803a
    0x801463d8 <mutex_oncpu+144>:        bl      0x80355df8 <kern_assert>
    0x801463dc <mutex_oncpu+148>:        b       0x80146368 <mutex_oncpu+32>

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