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re: xsrc/48344: X sesrver crashes with "lockup" on certain i810e-based systems

>  5.99.44 (25-Jan 2011 10:52 UTC) works  (agp_i810.c r1.69)
>  5.99.44 (25-Jan 2011 10:53 UTC) fails  (agp_i810.c r1.70)

interesting.  can you try reverting the first real changed line?
ie, this one:

!       if (isc->chiptype != CHIP_I830) {
!       if (isc->chiptype != CHIP_I810) {

and (separately) also try reverting this chunk:

+       if (mem->am_is_bound != 0)
+               return EINVAL;

>  I also have an HP Pavilion something-or-other ("LOMITA") that is also
>  built around the 82810E and related chips.  It does NOT suffer from the
>  problem brought about by the above change.  Hardware-wise, the HP is
>  practically identical to the DELLs (output of 'pcictl pci0 list').
>  Perhaps their BIOSes differ in how completely they intialize the hardware
>  and the change exposes this in the DELLs?

this probably is entirely to do with how the BIOS sets up the
PCI BARs, and dell and HP have significantly different BIOSen.

you should compare the output of pcictl "dump" on the video
device and see what happens.

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